He’s only 14 years old, but already Damon Williams of Chicago Illinois has mastered the art of investing in the Glossary Link stock market and earning a sizable profit. While others his age worry about buying the latest teen fashion or high school wear, Damon is more interested in owning a piece of the company that produces and markets that product.

According to Damon, in 2009 he already made a “shade over fifty thousand.” Damon does everything the average high school teen does. He’s popular, and the starting point guard for his varsity basketball team. He doesn’t stress about wasting time playing video games either, instead he said, “it’d be much more cool to know I own a piece of the company that makes that video game.”
Damon was first motivated to become a young investor after his financial minded mom turned down his request to get a pair of the latest Jordan sneakers on the market. Instead, she made him save his money to buy several shares of Nike before he could by another pair of shoes.

If you ask Damon about market equities and earnings per share, he knows it, compounds and interest? he’s already got it down pack. He’s by no means a fickle investor, you won’t catch him Glossary Link daytrading in and out of stocks. Damon prefers to buy and hold, based on growth potential of a stock.
This young millionaire in the making is knowledgeable, and confident about the stock market. He’s put the rest of grown up Wall Street on notice.