Imagine a football coach without a playbook who know nothing about the opposing team. Chances are he’s gonna lose the game. Without researching and studying your target, you can’t compete
Six Dating Rules That Can Help Lonely Startups

It turns out dating singles may have a thing or two to teach scared entrepreneurs. When you’re looking for mr or mrs right there are just certain things you have to do to stand above the singles pool.

Making A Pitch Deck Investors Clearly Love

Pitch Deck for investors

A pitch deck is a presentation (it can be flash, or powerpoint slides) that clearly explains your business model and startup idea to investors. If you don’t know the most proven path to financial success, I might as well tell you now. It’s not the stock market, not real estate, or wealth inheritance, the latter only happens to a lucky few born into it. However year over year studies show that investors have a simple goal to increase or acquire wealth, and their preferred avenue are promising startups.