This article about article marketing was originally written prior to introduction of Google Panda search engine update in February 2011. As such I’ve revised it to keep up to date with the latest accepted practices in article marketing and SEO. Article marketing is not what it used to be. Previous to the huge Google Panda search engine update, you could create and submit countless articles to top article directoires, which in turn distributed those articles to countless website owners looking for content. Now everything has changed. In an effort to reduce duplicate content across the web and provide unique search engine results, Google has seriously devalued article marketing and the content farms that hold those copied articles. Using this method of marketing to promote your brand must be done carefully following certain white hat seo guidelines.

Entrepreneurs and brands can still benefit from article marketing, however, it must be done according to the guidelines of the search engines. When writing articles about your business or personal brand DO NOT scatter the same article across multiple blogs, forums, and article directories. That contributes to the problem of spam and low quality websites that all present the same information. Do however submit one unique article per website or better yet submit your articles across social media pages you control and promote. Instead of submitting to XYZ blogs, forums, and directires owned by third parties, create an account across the major social media portals and submit your articles there.

If you do it regularly, you’ll eventually establish yourself and your business brand as an expert in your particular field. Whatever content you write and submit to external social media portals CANNOT be duplicated on other sites. Everything you create must be unique and original. This gives you credibility. You won’t earn linkbacks this way for your link building campaign but you’ll earn an increased following through “Likes”, “Shares”, “Plus Ones”, and “Retweets”. This basically sends much referral traffic back to your original business website.

Article Marketing Previous to Google Panda Algorthym Change (Not Highly Recommended)

There are some rules to consider when marketing yourself as a young entrepreneur. One big factor to consider is how to promote yourself, your start-up website or business using articles submitted to article directories. To make the process easier, here are tips to better deal with promoting yourself through article marketing.

Lets assume you’ve covered the prerequisites:
You have a website with the original promotional article about you..
Sign up to the top article directories. Do a Google search for article banks or article directories to find them
The articles you submit are now considered duplicate content. Make sure you have a targeted keyword backlink somewhere in the body of the article pointing back to the original article’s url on your site. (Not your homepage)
Make sure that hyperlinked keyword is also in the article’s title.
Make sure the hyperlinked keyword does not take up more than 2% of your article body.

You can have the separate backlink to your homepage in the resource box provided by the article directory.

What to Know About Search Engines (Google and Yahoo) that will Find and Rank Your Article New websites such as yours generally rank very low in the listings, so to increase your visibility in the search results and get much needed promotional traffic, your article must rank near the top, if not number 1 in the search engine results.

This will only happen when the search engine indexer scans the web and sees that all duplicate articles of your original are linking back to the original url on your website. The search programming (Algorythm) is set up to give preference and authority to whichever URL is recognized as the original source based on backlinks to the original content.

A word of advice, never submit a promotional article to any site that does not allow your website (the article’s homesite) to claim extra ownership using a keyword or url backlink. Thats a waste of your effort unless they’re paying for your article

With duplicate content, uniqueness (very important to search engines) goes out the door. To compensate, here are two recommended seo (search engine optimization) techniques from the search engine people themselves: (SEO is a very fluidic area. So what is recommended at the time of this article, might be revised by the search engines six months from now.)

Change the wording of your original article, enough to keep the topic the same, but show uniqueness compared to the duplicate articles on the article directories.
Enable a commenting feature on your website or blog. Search engines count user comments (especially relevant comments) towards the uniqueness of your article, thus pushing it further to the top of the SERPS (search engine results pages) and giving you the author more of the traffic than the sites republishing your article. Discard all spam comments as often as possible. Search engines hate them as much as you do. (Spam comments are users dropping excessive links to outside products and websites that have nothing to do with the topic of your site articles or content)