Marketing is something every company must invest in to be successful. As you build your brand you build your personal style of marketing. A style that depends on who you are marketing to, what you are marketing and where you are marketing. If there is a lot of competition in you’re niche the style of your marketing can turn aggressive. As a startup business you must tread a thin line with this technique or risk turning prospects and clients off.

Aggressive marketing can rear an ugly head if done incorrectly. Here are some marketing disasters to avoid:

Email spam: prevent your clients on your email list from deleting your emails by keeping your email blasts to a minimum. Proper etiquette is two email blasts a month. More than that and you will receive unsubscribers.

Cold calling: making an initial cold call to a prospect can be intimidating but can become annoying for the customer if called too many times. If they express interest then pursue but if you go about this the wrong way they will not be happy.

Facebook/LinkedIn/Twittter spam: Social media is great for your business. Be careful not to over post on your social media pages. If you inundate your fans or friends they will delete you. Keep it to two posts maximum per day.

Networking stalkers: as you network you should develop relationships with prospects and clients. Do not over step your boundaries in this type of venue. You may approach a person about your business but find other topics your clients are interested in to develop their interest in you and your brand.

Be savvy about the way you market your services. Remember to always put your best face forward with these strategic marketing techniques. Making 5 successful business connections through effectively timed marketing is better than no connections at all because of frequent intrusive and aggressive marketing tactics.