As you create your sales goals for your startup business there are several steps you must take to sharpen your routine and bring in money. These 6 proactive daily business selling techniques will keep you disciplined and focus on your target numbers as you make sales calls to sell products and services:

To do lists: every week you should have a list of to-do items that reflect your over all business goals. Within this checklist is a Sales Goal for the week. This Sales Goal should be broken down into daily goals that you continually revise to make your weekly goal.

Time management: make sure that time is blocked off appropriately for sales. Remember emails should be checked after you have made some leads and money. They should not be a distraction. In sales this is called “eating the frog” first. Focus on the tasks that are more difficult and most important. Technology has made us slaves to communication so do not let email consume your time.

Sharpen your mental game: stay focus on what you are selling. Study your product and review what you will say. Having a script ready will be a great asset in getting the business sales pitch out. Your script can be revised if you find your pitch is not working.

Facial expressions: you can tell when another person is smiling on the phone by the upbeat tone in their voice. Keep a mirror close by so that you can see your smile in action as you talk and keep check on your facial expressions.

Chart it: keep a visible chart on your wall to track your sales. This chart should be updated everyday, used to set new goals and evaluate performance.

Do not over call: the last thing you want to be is a nuisance. The first time a person says no to your sales pitch you should not take it as the final answer but if you have heard no more than three times and are getting disconnected give it up! This is borderline harassment and may tarnish your company name.

Team, team, team! Make sure you rally your team to share your sales goals. This will spark some healthy competitiveness and hold everyone accountable for their sales performance. If you are a solo sales person you know what your goals are. Challenge yourself daily!